Quarter 4 Finish-a-long

Things have so busy around here I’ve hardly had time to quilt, let alone blog. I definitely need to change that, not only for my own mental health, but to finish some projects for my incredibly patient clients. I’ve decided to join the last leg of the 2016 Finish-a-long to light a fire under my a motivate myself. The idea is to make a list of unfinished projects and then try to complete them before the deadline in order to qualify for some amazing prizes. I may never win, but I’m a sucker for a contest!
My list is as follows:
twin size pineapple blossom in blue
twin size star chain in green
twin size double four patch in pink
quilt denim king size quilt
memory pillow for Noah
triangle quilt for Cadie
In reality, the list COULD be much, much longer, but I need to make the goal attainable. I always have grand aspirations but I have a huge problem when it comes to follow through. Either I lose interest in the project shortly after I begin, or something takes my attention away and then I have trouble getting back into it. Its embarrassing for me to admit, but I have over 30 incomplete projects on the go. I hope that this will help me to cross a few things off my list.
I’m linking my list with Leanne at she can quilt

Published by prairiecharmquilts

i live on the beautiful Saskatchewan prairie with my sweet man, my two darling boys, our dog trixie, 5 cats, three chickens, two horses, and a zillion frogs. i started sewing when i was 10 and did garment sewing for many years before i discovered quilting. i have been obsessed with quilting since 1994. i am self taught, so i may not do things 'by the book', but i don't think the quilt police are too concerned about l'il ol' me. my quilts are made to be loved and i hope i outlive them all!

4 thoughts on “Quarter 4 Finish-a-long

  1. I can so relate to this. It’s always so much fun to START a new project, new pattern, and buy new fabric. I gotta keep reminding myself how fun it is to have something finished too!


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