Personal Projects

img_20220301_1101475634112226434919981657img_20211020_120014_01_optimized2230387186594587451img_20220220_165714_0978609663971376224049Some of the quilts I’ve completed over the years. Most are my take on a traditional design, but there are a few that I used a pattern for. I usually just make it up as I go along, so I’m never sure how my quilts will turn out, or if I’ll have enough fabric to complete my vision. I’ve gotten better at planning, but often end up with odd sized quilts. I just call those ones “lap quilts” and hope that they fit someone’s lap.

004010194terri's quiltstrip twistragmalkarlIMG_20130203_202247 (800x600)gugfirst quiltburkes10246557_747907291897651_8138054035358182188_n191lorax tutorial 007011002dd339f464b4c367816bdbd9a47c9a8a1c82fe300242307ef3f5ac3895d0e2f8db30550d710f73de272194535a0cd6e006512567177c087a7d3f2d8b4478cf6fba81b51df4f015fa461e199327fb36dcd803d97af2529181b5a43a11e078573a00140110080053e78489ff4c629ae1650095611b79d100010f26bc937a90988f038346291af75452003005010060156009008007001001045037029026013084089010077071067066060052007682


2 thoughts on “Personal Projects

  1. chrissie your new page looks great!! in your wips, what is the second one down? what type of star? i really love all the colours with the white!!


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