i’m still here!

it has been quite some time since i last sat down to write something, and for that i apologize. it has been a hectic few weeks and i’m just now getting back into the groove of things. lots has happened, so bear with me as i fill you in on the details.

the last thing i posted talked of my reluctance to spend a huge whack of money on a new longarm quilting machine. well, the decision was made for me (kind of). in my haste to get a new machine, i listed my old one and then promptly forgot that i had done so. a week or so later, i was contacted by a lady who was interested in the machine and she drove an hour to come test it out. we haggled over the price a little and couldn’t agree, so she left sans machine. she called me the next day to say she’d give me what i asked for it and we made arrangements for her to pick it up the following saturday. now, it doesn’t seem like this would be an issue, but i had cancelled the order i placed for the new machine and with the old one sold, i had no way of getting anything ready for the evergreen show. i found a very good deal on a show model apqs and went for it. my basement was empty for almost two weeks before my lucey arrived, but the wait was worth it. she is GLORIOUS! i had 11 quilts done in less than a week and had enough done so as not to embarrass myself at the show. i am so glad i upgraded my machine, and can’t help but think that i ‘forgot’ about listing the old one on purpose. yay for me!

harvest went well for curly and he was officially done work at the end of october. it helped that we got a lot of snow the 3rd week of october. it’s going to be a long winter.

i celebrated my 40th birthday at the end of october. for some reason, i feel i have really acheived something and should be walking about with a giant ‘i’m 40! can you effin’ believe it?’ sign around my neck. i don’t know why. any insight?

evergreen was an amazing experience. the venue was beautiful and the whole thing was very well done. there were amazing artists from every medium you can think of: paint, fibre, wood, bead, pottery, food, music, the list goes on. i sold two items, which paid for my table and my gas, but more importantly, i gained experience and got my name out there.

this past week, i finally got my completed quilts listed on my prairie charm facebook page AND i even opened a store on etsy. come have a look at my stuff here https://www.facebook.com/PrairieCharm?ref=hl and here http://www.etsy.com/shop/PrairieCharm.

all this has been going on between regular stuff, like school, chickens, and housework. pfffffffft. housework? who am i kidding?





Published by prairiecharmquilts

i live on the beautiful Saskatchewan prairie with my sweet man, my two darling boys, our dog trixie, 5 cats, three chickens, two horses, and a zillion frogs. i started sewing when i was 10 and did garment sewing for many years before i discovered quilting. i have been obsessed with quilting since 1994. i am self taught, so i may not do things 'by the book', but i don't think the quilt police are too concerned about l'il ol' me. my quilts are made to be loved and i hope i outlive them all!

2 thoughts on “i’m still here!

  1. Happy Belated Birthday and welcome to the 40’s!! It’s not a bad place to be, I’ve been here for a few years :).
    Your Etsy shop and Facebook page look great.


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