hummus costs HOW much?

part of the whole being frugal thing is checking the weekly flyers for sales. i have made it a habit to check online every thurday morning to see if any of the staples i need are on sale. yesterday, i noticed that one of the stores i frequent has hummus on special this week. i took a look at the specifics, and noticed two things

1) the hummus was on special 2/$6, meaning that each one was $3

2) each container held approximately one cup


is it just me, or does that seem ridiculously expensive to you? i make a lot of my own foods because i like to know what i’m feeding my children, and it usually saves money. i didn’t realise how much i was saving by making my own hummus. it’s super easy and way cheaper, and there are no scary preservatives in it.  i make mine in a food processor, but if you don’t have one, a blender or a handheld blender will do the job (not as quickly or efficiently, but it will get the job done)


1  540ml / 19oz can of chickpeas

1-2 cloves of garlic, roughly chopped

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp cumin

3 tbsp tahini (if you don’t have tahini you can use your favourite nut butter)

2 tbsp lemon juice

liquid from chickpeas

drain chickpeas, reserving liquid. dump them into processor bowl (or blender, or mixing bowl) wazz them up a a few times to break them down. add tahini (or nut butter) and wazz some more. add salt, cumin, lemon juice, and garlic and wazz again. (there’s a lot of wazzing in this recipe! so fun!) keep the processor going as you slowly start adding the reserved liquid. don’t add it all at once or you’ll have soup instead of hummus! keep going until the hummus reaches the desired consistancy. (takes about half of the liquid) i like mine to be pretty thick (think sour cream consistancy). put it in a bowl and break out the pitas! (or tortilla chips if thats your bag)

of course, the great thing about cooking is that you an adjust any of the seasonings to your own tastes. so if you hate cumin, leave it out. love garlic? throw another clove in! play around and have some fun.

ta da! easy isn’t it? and it will cost less than $1 (for over 2 cups of deliciousness)

next up…i’m gonna try baking pitas!

Published by prairiecharmquilts

i live on the beautiful Saskatchewan prairie with my sweet man, my two darling boys, our dog trixie, 5 cats, three chickens, two horses, and a zillion frogs. i started sewing when i was 10 and did garment sewing for many years before i discovered quilting. i have been obsessed with quilting since 1994. i am self taught, so i may not do things 'by the book', but i don't think the quilt police are too concerned about l'il ol' me. my quilts are made to be loved and i hope i outlive them all!

3 thoughts on “hummus costs HOW much?

  1. Hi Chrissie,
    I love hummus and do make a similar recipe- I use some olive oil in mine but otherwise the recipe is exactly the same. It is very tasty and is one of my favorite foods. I haven’t made it for awhile because I don’t have a food processor right now. I guess I should buy a new one – It is one of the recipes that Kevin and I used to make together.
    Your blog looks great- I hear your voice when I am reading it- I hope you will make lots of new quilty friends through you blog.
    I have added your name to my blog list and will add a link on my next post for others to come and check you out.


    1. thank you very much anna! sometimes i add some olive oil as well, but when i got home from edmonton, i discovered my bottle of olive oil on the counter with no lid and a dead fly at the bottom. i decided to omit the olive oil. it turned out just as good without it, and i figured i didn’t need the extra fat! hahaha!


  2. I make my hummus as well. It’s the best when home made. Similar recipe but I add some olive oil. For crackers – take some old tortilla shells, brush with some oil, sprinkle with seasoning salt or chilli powder or paprika, cut like a pizza and bake till crisp. Saves them from the chickens!


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